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Cold-cast bronze

This is a finely sintered real bronze which, once formed into a moulded shell, is then filled with a strengthened resin. This is an increasingly accepted art medium which, less expensive than founded bronze, has made bronze fine art more widely affordable. The finish is permanent and the appearance of the product is virtually indistinguishable from the traditional method. It needs only a gentle dusting and the occasional application of wax to retain its lustre. Metals oxidise with time, but the 'bloom' of a cared for bronze patina cannot be matched, developing with time a richness and depth of remarkable beauty.

Founded bronze

For the fine arts connoisseur, David Geenty Designs also produces a range in traditional founded bronze. The method by which this is produced is known as 'cire perdu' - lost wax, since the mould cavity into which molten bronze is poured is created by burning away a wax copy of the sculptor's original model.

Decorated sculpture - SladwareT

Cold-cast porcelain bears the same relationship to English bone china as does cold-cast bronze to the foundry item. Sladware™ is David Geenty Designs' own particular recipe for this medium. Each piece is hand-decorated in England by craftsmen of great skill. No two pieces are identical; the combined skills of sculptor and painter produce unique collectable figurines.


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